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The Rising Sun
    "Fellow residents of Seele, and citizens of the city:
    Little could have prepared us for the upheaval of recent days, and I feel compelled both by fraternal amity and sworn duty to come before you now in an effort to dispel at least a portion of the unease and dismay that now hangs heavy in the air. In executing this task it is my fervent hope that my errors and insufficiencies will be palliated by the motives which have lead me.
    For over a hundred years this District has been free from the affliction known as redey, thanks to the heroic efforts of law enforcement and the adept leadership of Minister Buvalu. This week it has been discovered that our freedom was short-lived, and it is important that the public know and understand the gravity of this discovery: redey has returned to Seele. On August 18th, four days past, raids into Seele’s storm way system were conducted on my order with the express mission of root
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Shadows and Ghosts [RP Excerpt]
    There were many places outside of Seele that Colo was unfamiliar with, especially in Ambrotos and Heilig, but the Spirit Grove was not one of those places. He knew the Grove with the kind of intimacy that came from a life spent living close to the earth, and from his early days when the Grove had essentially been his residence.
    He went there first. It was the most likely place Tahiry would be. The Malagasy man was too paranoid to go back to his flat so soon after dealing with redey, but he would be tired and even if he jumped at shadows, Tahiry had always loved the jungle. The Grove was the closest thing to ‘jungle’ in the whole Spirit Realm. 
    When Colo made it to the perimeter wall of the huge botanical garden, he scaled it and vaulted into the overhanging foliage of the nearest tree without even a glance at the ground below. Heights had never frightened him.
    He climbed and
:iconmeemzer:Meemzer 8 12
Goodbyes [RP Excerpt]
    It was as if the City was in a haze.
    There had not been such an oppressive, sad tinge to the whole world for quite some time, and it unsettled Tahiry deeply. Everything was out of whack. He hadn’t seen Colo much lately. That was the worst part of the whole thing. Tahiry’s heart had ached for him- been aching, still ached- but he knew Colo needed to be alone for a while. The mourning process where Tahiry came from was similar- isolation.
    But he couldn’t leave his brother to wallow any longer. He’d had an inkling of where the young man was, though finding him there, curled and numb and...It brought him no joy to see.
    Silently, he crouched before Colo, and let the quiet fill the air for a while.
    Very slowly, as if weights were piled on his body, Colo lifted his head and propped himself up on one
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Traitor [Liturature Excerpt]
    The raids into the storm ways were resulting in the arrest of dozens of redey dealers and addicts, and still more were being captured and brought to the surface. From a strategic standpoint, the overall mission was proceeding with effectiveness. The swiftly enacted plan had worked, and many criminals down in the tunnels had been caught red handed and unaware. The officers and deputies performed their tasks with great bravery. But every new perpetrator brought out from the tunnels and every redey-filled jug and vessel that was seized by law enforcement was a double-edged sword to the Minister. Success in this endeavor was no reason to celebrate.
    There were so many...
    Ever since his firsthand discovery of the illicit drink, there had been a part of Colo that prefered to be wrong; that the operation would produce only a scattering of  isolated distilleries in the storm ways and nothing more. He knew the consequen
:iconmeemzer:Meemzer 10 7
An Unlikely Rescue [RP Excerpt]
    The narrow culvert descended at a shallow angle, until it dropped sharply into a drainage canal about as wide as an average man’s height. The woman was obviously acquainted with her chosen escape route, because she jumped at the right time and landed on her feet in with a splash in spite of the darkness. She dropped her victim into the murky water and let the current help carry him along, grabbing a fistful of hair to keep his head above water. After two tunnels, she released her hold on him to pull a candle stub from the folds of her ragged cloak, and lit it with matches from a waterproof pouch. The little flame was feeble, but it illuminated the inky black enough to keep moving forward.
    Colo sputtered and opened his eyes when his head was submerged. He stood up so quickly he almost toppled over, flailing and coughing in disoriented alarm. The high-pitched ringing in one ear persisted. A pungent mold smell struck his nose nearly as
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...And than an owl.


Hey everyone, I hope you have had a nice Summer! I wanted to send out a signal boost for Sybal Heim. Sybal Heim will be accepting applications until October 1st! If you enjoy immortality, super powers, rebellions, history, and monsters--come check us out!!! We are an Art & Role-Play group, with a friendly community and an exciting story. 

You can learn more about how to join here:  How To JoinHow To Join
Applications are currently:
Before you put together your application, please read this journal through carefully and read through the various linked pages!
About Us
This journal gives you a basic introduction to the group’s setup if you are unfamiliar. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Plot Characters in the Featured folder.

This journal lays out the group's fundamental rules, and reviews critical setting and character creation guidelines. This is a MUST READ if you wish to join the group.
Character Creation
If you're uncertain over how to proceed with creating your character, this journal may provide assistance. It also contains information on creating Non-

And here:  Applications Are Open!Applications Are Open!
Sybal Heim is now open for our second wave of applicants!
First, though, we have a very important announcement to make. We'd like to thank everyone who applied for the mod post; we had some excellent applications.
After a great deal of consideration, we are pleased to announce the newest member of the mod team. Please welcome...
Minister of Heiros
Before the end of September, we will also be approaching a few individuals to be Constables—sub-moderators, who will assist as community managers and event coordinators.
We will be accepting submissions from September 1st to September 30th!
Currently, we are uncertain of how many new members we will accept, but are planning for a minimum of 15 new members per faction—at least 30 in total
When you've checked the

We'd love to have you join! 



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