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Chapter 2
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Birthday Brunch Babbling
It seemed like it had been forever since Colo and Tahiry had shared a meal together.
Understandably, of course; The City hadn’t been quite itself as late, and all the Ministries seemed to be working overtime. Colo especially-- Tahiry wouldn’t have expected anything less from his warrior brother.
It was a grand day when their schedules lined up enough to allow for some much needed bonding time. Over a meal, obviously; why just talk when you can eat and talk at the same time? It was a lovely warm day to boot, so Tahiry had the idea of eating by the cool waters of the Oasis. He hated to blow his own horn, of course--
    “This was an AMAZING idea, if I do say so!”
    -- Actually, scratch that. He loved to.
    “Well, I’m not going to miss spending my birthday with you. It’s tradition! The District can keep itself together for one day.” Colo laughed and put his bare feet up on the t
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Unplanned Rapport
    The morning sun on the clouds reminded Colo of butter on biscuits. His stomach complained hungrily at him as he jogged. He should have grabbed himself a bit of breakfast before venturing out, he’d only been back in his human form for a quarter of an hour, but he didn't want to waste time. In the early morning the city rested, and for an hour or two he could get away with leaving the Estate.
    Colo took a gamble, guessing the girl had not yet made it inside the city proper, he heading towards the perimeter wall of the city. A handful of people streamed in through the Heiros Gate, returning from nights spent in the fields and forest. Colo found a crate and sat cross-legged on top of it. He watched the entrance intently, absently fiddling with a small box he carried.
    She was absolutely starving.
    It had been a good night right up to the end. Tuku eyed the shattered re
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    Her legs were only starting to burn.
    Tuku ran harder.
    She shot through the rainbow of the color gardens and shortly crossed into Seele, heading for the gate.
    It would be a warmer night. She was only wearing her blue and gold wrappings. The gloves were a staple, as were the earrings. The girl carried a satchel over her shoulder with her supplies for the night. Flint, candles, and collapsed paper lanterns.A thick glass bulb clinked against the metal clasps, fastened by a twine strap. It had a mushroom embedded in it, a long-stalked white thing, currently unremarkable. Later it would be critical.
    Her earrings chimed like angry little bells as she sprinted in a weaving path through the stone and grass and dirt streets, sticking to the back alleys and in-between places.
    She remembered a few of them. A few more were new discoveries. Hiding places. Pl
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Sinking Stones
    She should have known better than this.
    Tuku tried to haul her leg from the muddy riverbed. It just got more stuck. Damn it all.
    Her theory had been proven correct, at least. Constables did not seem to patrol the Uferlos at night, at least, none that she could see through the murk. The light did not seem to penetrate as far here, either.
    That was going to be a problem eventually.
    There was a much bigger one on the horizon.
    She had managed to wade herself from the fields to the Heiros gate, but the water only grew deeper, and the mud thicker as she slogged through it. Eventually even her great strength was no match for the sucking pull, and she was too deep to even reach her hands to the surface for help.
    She tried to fight back the icy panic at her predicament. Remain calm. Remain calm. Th
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Welcome To Containment
    “Are you ever going to find it? Or are you just going to beat my backside all night?”
    Tiago clenched his jaw. His current ‘client’ was looking for a very specific type of cloth, which Tiago had never heard of, and which he doubted was worth the trouble of putting his sybal through the city for.
    His rider, a lithe, crested sybal named Roshan, seemed to be forming the same opinion.
    He ducked his head in frustration. He’d already had four or five feral swings, and he could almost feel another--the more Roshan berated him, the harder it got to come back out of the feral haze, like waking up after too short a night.
    “I told you, we’ll get there, it’s just on the other side of the market.”
    Going through the crowded lane of stalls was probably a bad idea, but he was in no mood to prolong the night&
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A New Face
Deyri smiled with the sunrise, glad to be back to her normal height. She headed for the small shop, it was time to open up and prepare everything for the day. She sighed wistfully. One day perhaps she could build her own, or find a place that was tall enough that she could stay in at night. Have her home and shop in one perhaps? That would be wonderful. Then she wouldn’t have to stress over keeping two places at once, and commuting between them...and what if someone needed some of the medical things she had there at night? Something to think about, at least. Someday.
    The air was cold but the bite energized her as she walked, her movement keeping her warm enough. Soon perhaps there would be snow. She held the pot closer to her chest. It was covered with a bag to help insulate the plant she had generated last night but the sooner it was out of the cold the better.
    Balancing the pot in one arm, using her hip to stabilize it, Deyri unlo
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The Incident of 1822
    Colo grudgingly wore a scarf and a pair of soft leather moccasins on his feet. The fall this year had been a mild one, until the week prior when the weather had dipped. A churlish breeze now pulled at his hair and at the loose folds of his sleeves and pantlegs. He’d been working a surveillance job in Ambrotos with Tahiry for nearly a week and the monotony--combined with the colder turn in the weather--had made him lose his enthusiasm for the particular assignment. The two had been working in tandem, camping in a vacant apartment they’d rented for the purpose, and trading shifts so their perp’s residence was watched at all times. Staying cooped up inside through the day and night left Colo with antsy, pent-up energy. Patience was not a trait the younger man had in vast supply, and after several days closed in the small one-room dwelling the brothers had begun getting on each other’s nerves.
    It was all small things,
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Listen to your Elders
It had been a full four days, and every hour that had passed left Colo feeling a little sicker. Not a physical affliction, but an internal illness he couldn’t put to words. The closest word he could find to describe it was ‘regret’ but that word... it felt too watered down; a weak description for what plagued him.
    He was looking for Tahiry--never an easy task--but after working with him for years Colo had become familiar with the Bara man’s habits and approach to work. He guessed that his brother was out in Heilig, working on a recent case involving an unfaithful spouse. Those sorts of jobs required surveillance, which meant that Tahiry was most likely holed up somewhere around the perpetrator’s place of business. Ordinarily Colo would have been helping out too, but he’d made himself scarce the last week or so and like a good brother Tahiry had left him to his privacy.
    The sick feeling was unbearable no
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    The sun baked the city. The cobblestones were hot enough to sear bare feet, even tough, calloused bare feet. Wearing sandals was the only intelligent decision Colo had made today.
    The skinny figure moved between the foot traffic with taut rigidity, his pace so rapid it hardly qualified as walking. Water ran in rivulets from his drenched hair, and his sopping wet clothes clung tight to his body, accentuating the bones of his short frame.
The Uferlos had barely helped.  
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    The boy walked carefully, avoiding getting his bare feet stepped on in the crowd. He passed by a stand selling strong, fragrant incense and he stopped for a moment. After deliberation, he stepped up to the woman and bought a small glass jar of what the vender called Bakhoor. It smelled like sandalwood and jasmine, with hints of citrus and other exotic things he couldn’t name. It was a good smell, and it didn’t have anything in common with eucalyptus.
    He took his purchase and made his way back out towards the mouth of the sprawling Market.  
    It wasn’t uncommon for Tahiry to spot familiar faces in a crowd. Being around for so long, and being one with a memory like his, it was only natural that the detective could recognize someone with a cursory glance.
    Normally, he would have let it alone, but this face in particular he was always happy to see.
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Making Ends Meet
    He couldn’t get out of the city proper fast enough.
    Colo sprinted through the streets of Seele, and didn’t stop until he reached the outer wall of the city and beyond to the open fields. He didn’t really know where he was going, just that he had to get away from Containment. The boy had put a fair distance between himself and the city by the time his rational mind caught up with his feet. He came to a stop and stood in the wagon-ruts of the dirt road panting heavily.
    What was he even planning to do? He hadn’t been able to find work much lately, which was why he’d gotten himself arrested anyways, and now with a new fine hanging over his head he knew whatever money he could scratch together would have to go towards the debt. It’d be harder to get hired for a while, and he didn’t want to make himself a burden to his brother b
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The Rising Sun
    "Fellow residents of Seele, and citizens of the city:
    Little could have prepared us for the upheaval of recent days, and I feel compelled both by fraternal amity and sworn duty to come before you now in an effort to dispel at least a portion of the unease and dismay that now hangs heavy in the air. In executing this task it is my fervent hope that my errors and insufficiencies will be palliated by the motives which have lead me.
    For over a hundred years this District has been free from the affliction known as redey, thanks to the heroic efforts of law enforcement and the adept leadership of Minister Buvalu. This week it has been discovered that our freedom was short-lived, and it is important that the public know and understand the gravity of this discovery: redey has returned to Seele. On August 18th, four days past, raids into Seele’s storm way system were conducted on my order with the express mission of root
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Shadows and Ghosts [RP Excerpt]
    There were many places outside of Seele that Colo was unfamiliar with, especially in Ambrotos and Heilig, but the Spirit Grove was not one of those places. He knew the Grove with the kind of intimacy that came from a life spent living close to the earth, and from his early days when the Grove had essentially been his residence.
    He went there first. It was the most likely place Tahiry would be. The Malagasy man was too paranoid to go back to his flat so soon after dealing with redey, but he would be tired and even if he jumped at shadows, Tahiry had always loved the jungle. The Grove was the closest thing to ‘jungle’ in the whole Spirit Realm. 
    When Colo made it to the perimeter wall of the huge botanical garden, he scaled it and vaulted into the overhanging foliage of the nearest tree without even a glance at the ground below. Heights had never frightened him.
    He climbed and
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Hey everyone, I hope you have had a nice Summer! I wanted to send out a signal boost for Sybal Heim. Sybal Heim will be accepting applications until October 1st! If you enjoy immortality, super powers, rebellions, history, and monsters--come check us out!!! We are an Art & Role-Play group, with a friendly community and an exciting story. 

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First, though, we have a very important announcement to make. We'd like to thank everyone who applied for the mod post; we had some excellent applications.
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