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Jackknife by Meemzer

• Basic Information

• Name: Jackknife Derek Hartigan
• Saliva Flavor: Elder Berry
• Gender: Male
• Age: 25
• Occupation: Pizza Boy
• Birthday: March 7th
• Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


• Physical Information

• Height: 5’7” | 4’8”
• Weight:
 198 lbs. | 390 lbs.
• Hair Color:
• Eye Color: Pink
• Piercings: None
• Scars: 
• Body Type: 

• Relationship Information

• Marital Status: Single
• Currently Dating:
 No one
• Father: 
Tar Hartigan
• Mother:
Bell Hartigan
• Cousin To: 
Noir Hartigan
• Siblings:
 Two brothers
• Friends:
 Open to Suggestions


• Character Traits

• + Traits: Cheerful, Funny, Optimistic
• - Traits: Can't read people well, Can be immature, Sensitive 
• Likes:
 Cheesy Movies, Goofing Off with Friends, Relaxing
• Dislikes:
 People Picking at his flaws, Rude customers, Pointing out he has a baby face. 
• Hobbies/Interest:
 Has an aptitude for chess, Likes playing video games
• Smoker:
• Drinker:



Jackknife has a laid-back and fun-loving personality, and a good sense of humor. He is expressive, naive, high-spirited and enthusiastic, but he is not without his insecurities. He dislikes having his failures repeatedly pointed out, and he is sensitive about his current lack of direction. Nevertheless Jackknife is typically an optimist and enjoys the company of others, though he is not good at reading others. He can be socially inept, and he is pretty terrible with "the ladies" but he is a good-hearted person. 


The second youngest of three sons, Jackknife went off to Junction City to attend college. He left home with great promise and dreamed of being a doctor, and engineer, a biologist, an architect...well, in truth he didn't know what he wanted to be. But he figured, he would figure out his career while he was taking classes and finishing his general courses. There were lots of things that interested him, things that he was decent at, but several semesters into his higher education there nothing that he felt he truly excelled at or that seemed to call to him. After two years of school Jackknife ran out of money. Unable to find a job, evicted from his dorm and desperate, he called home seeking advice. His father suggested he get in touch with his cousin Noir who lived in Junction City near the university, that maybe his cousin would let him rent a room. Jackknife said he would, thanked his father and happily hung up the phone. Then Jackknife realized the last time he'd spoken to his cousin, he had been five and Noir was seventeen. Quite awkwardly, Jackknife called his cousin--introduced himself, asked for help, and moved in. Jackknife found Noir to be standoffish and a little stiff, but he was deeply grateful for the help. Jackknife is now working at a pizza place, trying to build up his bank account and figure out his life.   


Yay me--finally posting this guy. Meet Jackknife everyone. He's my second MTT. 

This MTT was obtained through purchase--Thanks Iris!

MTTs © annicron
JackKnife Hartigan  © Meemzer
Noir Jayden Hartigan © IrisHime

Cassie by Meemzer
Remember earlier this year when I got a puppy? Well, she is all grown up now. I took these photos of my dog while we were in town one day. I thought they were nice enough photos that I could post them. My dog is named Cassie. Her papa was a red-and-white Border Collie, and her mamma was a blue merle Australian Shepherd; she is a 50-50 cross. If you are considering one do your research first, a Border Collie (even a mix) is not a breed for everyone. That being said, Cassie is a great dog. She is extremely smart, obedient, sweet, and fun. Also, she is beautiful! 
Shinlai Adoption Application--Sept 2014 by Meemzer
Shinlai Adoption Application--Sept 2014
This is my application for Shinlai Adoptable #1.
Thank you for considering my application.

Shinlai species (c) AlanaRoseheart

Name: Docia Sisu Etheldred

Pronunciation:  Dough-SHA / SEE-sue / eh-THEL-dred

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (Adolescent)

Birth Season: Winter, 1851

Shinlai Classification: Common


- Body: Silky
- Tail: Long

Fur color: Red & Cream

Eye color: Turquoise

Horns & Claws: Ebony, touched with turquoise

Height: 6' 2”

Length: 15' (from nose to tail)

Weight: 2,870 lbs

Mask: Carved out of wood, and lacquered black. Docia's family has a tradition of staining their masks with black lacquer then adding beautifully colored designs over the top. Docia cannot decide how she wants to paint her mask, so it has been blank since she earned her it.

Allegiance: Follower of Dailah

Element: Light
-Abilities: Docia has the ability to create and manipulate lightning, much to her disappointment. She is only beginning to learn to use her element and due to her fear and lack of confidence, her is skills are quite underdeveloped. But there is more to this young light shinlai than meets the eye. Unbeknownst to her (and in spite of her apparent ineptitude) Docia has an exceptionally strong link with her element and could learn to master both lightning and energy—a rare talent. HOWEVER, she is no where near accomplishing this: she can hardly control a bolt of lightning. First she has to overcome her own insecurities and develop the talents she does have, rather than trying to fight with and change them.

-Positive Traits: Curious, Selfless, Kind, Idealist, Cheerful
-Negative Traits: Self-Critical, Insecure, Indecisive, Impulsive
At a glance Docia is a polite, soft-spoken shinlai adolescent. She is bright, and an optimist. She loves to find beautiful things, and explore the world. She cares deeply about others, and sincerely wants to help those around her. She is a thoughtful friend and loyal companion. However, she is hampered by insecurities and can be very critical of herself. She is willing to stand up for others, but rarely stands up for herself. She struggles to accept herself as she is, rather than comparing herself to the ideal picture of who she should be in her mind. The emotion she struggles with most is disappointment. If things go wrong, it is hard for her to let go of how things should have gone. 

Brief History:
Docia was born on a peaceful night, high in the mountains. Her parents, the mother a light Shinlai, the father a fire Shinlai, were joyous at her birth. She was the third healthy pup to be born to their family. Her parents were affectionate and attentive, her sisters playful and good-natured. Docia had a fortunate up-bringing. Her parents belonged to a clan of related Shinlai living in the mountains, near the human city of Maia. She regularly played with her sisters and her cousins alike, scampering across frozen peaks and through her clan members' dens. Her family’s clan shared a mutually beneficial relationship with humans: the Shinlai in Docia’s family helped the humans to tame the unforgiving mountain wilderness, and in return the humans would provide goods to the group of Shinlai. Rarely were there quarrels between the Shinlai and humans in the area, and Docia spent a great deal of time around them. This has led Docia to have a good standing and general trust for humans.

Docia’s mother's strength, as the element of light is divided into two portions, was with energy—specifically healing, and Docia often accompanied her mother to the town, where it was her mother’s business to relieve the sick and injured. Docia so admired her mother's abilities, that she wanted nothing more than to be a healer when she grew up. She could just imagine it—she would provide warmth and comfort to others in need. She could use her abilities to make a difference in the world around her. It was something that she could picture so clearly.

Docia was a clever pup—a quick learner, and eager to please. She learned a great deal from watching and mimicking her elder sisters. Her parents were proud of her and knew that she was developing quickly for her age, but Docia surprised them all by awakening her element at the young age of fourteen—even before her twin sisters, who were a year and a half her senior. Her family was very excited for her, and proud to have a pup with such a powerful ability. Admittedly, her sisters were a little jealous—but they loved their little sister, and overcame their jealousy in time. Docia on the other hand, was horrified. For although she was a light Shinlai, like her mother as she had hoped, it turned out that her natural abilities were not with energy but rather they lent themselves more to deal with lightning. Since awakening her element, Docia has been at odds with herself, as she firmly believes that her talent with lightning goes against whom she is as a person.

Docia never mentioned this internal struggle and the conflicted feelings that she was going through to her family. They seemed so pleased; she worried that sharing her fear would disappoint them. Docia avoided using her element, and years passed after its initial awakening. As a result, Docia did not develop beyond the raw skill she had as a fourteen-year-old. She held very little control over her lightning, and much to her dismay, sometimes she uses it when she does not intend. In addition to fearing it, Docia sees no value in her talent—what good is the ability to command lightning when compared with the versatility and usefulness of energy? With energy she could have been a source of comfort for those in need. Instead she felt was stuck with an elemental power that is only harsh and destructive.

Like all shinlai, Docia was given her mask when her element manifested itself. Docia's family had a tradition of decorating their masks in a rather specific manner: carved wood, lacquered black, and then painted with a wide range of bright colors, by the owner. Some members of the clan had very ornate, elegant designs, while others had simple but appealing designs—nevertheless, they all followed the same pattern. Docia was at a loss. What could she paint on her mask? Most of her clan-mates painted things that were reminiscent of their element, but Docia wanted nothing to do with her element. Unsure of what to do, Docia left her mask plain black. Her mother reassured her that is was natural to take great care with the design of her first mask, and that many others took time before they painted theirs.

Docia's mother lovingly attempted to help her daughter develop her abilities with lightning, but Docia pretended to fail every time. When Docia turned nineteen, and was still quite weak with the use of her element, her father made a suggestion. Hoping to help his daughter, who he believed was striving to unlock her power rather than hiding from it, he advised her to leave the mountain and find another light shinlai who could tutor her—one who had mastered lightning. This gave Docia an idea—and she eagerly agreed. Unaware of the Darkblood Revolution, their attack on Talin, or any of the aftermath, Docia's family prepared for her to strike out into the wider world.

With her parent's well-wishing, and her clan's blessing, Docia descended the mountain and headed off into the world to find a teacher—not a master of lightning, like her family had supposed, but a master of energy instead. One who could teach her to develop the ability to heal—not use the pointless ability to command lightning. Drawn in by the flow of human travelers, and dreams of a coast she's never seen, Docia made her way towards Norport. Docia had never before left the mountain peaks, and knows little of the political upheaval going on with the Darkbloods, or anything else for that matter. She is merely seeking for a mentor of healing to teach and guide her.

Misc Information:
-Though she is young now, and relatively small, she will eventually grow to be a large shinlai. 

-Docia had several human friends, and was sad to leave them when she went into the world. She learned a game similar to soccer, with a ball that had to be kicked and carried to goals to win points. She is still plays this game given the opportunity, and enjoys other human games involving a ball. 

-Docia also enjoys playing with domestic human pets. She is particularly fond of dogs. 


-Food: Venison and dried fruits

-Color: Turquoise (Her eyes are her favorite feature)

-Place: Mountains, or up high

Wedding Gift by Meemzer
Wedding Gift
This is a wedding gift that I did for a friend of mine. I printed it on canvas and had it wrapped around a frame, so they could hang it on the wall if they wanted. The quote was said by Lao Tzu, but I modified it slighting to fit on the piece. I am very pleased with how it turned out. 


Meemzer's Profile Picture

...And than an owl.


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